The Book

The chance discovery of an old WWII flight log and piece of shrapnel in a Florida antique store compels a former B-24 ball turret gunner to reveal a long-forgotten secret mission to Ukraine in the fall of 1944… a mission that helped start what became known as the Cold War.


I am truly appreciative for the opportunity to create this story, inspired by actual missions of the 8th Air Force in World War II. The research portion taught me a lot about the war I did not know, and opened my eyes to the truth behind what actually happened between the United States, Great Britain … [Read more…]


My father, Henry T. Holmes, Jr. was a B-24 pilot with the 392nd Bomb Group, 577th Squadron, the unit featured in this book. His missions served as the inspiration for this story and the mission log entries are from his log book with minor tweaks. The content of the missions and events portrayed however are … [Read more…]